Hey! I’m Jonathan Jarvis.

I’m a designer and animator.

I’m building something new! Cartwheel is a powerful text-to-3D animation tool.

I also run the animation and game studio Universal Patterns. Check out our super fun outdoor game Tug-o-Wobble — the game of balance and fun for everyone, and our economics films The Changing World Order with Ray Dalio.

Before that I worked at Google for a long time, where I designed and launched many new products and features with the Machine Learning, Search, Android, and Workspaces teams. I pitched and led the design of the new Google Brand Identity & Logo system, and created several global marketing campaigns with the very cool Creative Lab team.

I also led digital advertising for the political tech firm Hawkfish for the 2020 presidential campaign cycle.

I love boring things like economics and history. I made a film about how the economy works, how the 2008 financial crisis happened (which was exhibited in MoMA 🙌), and how the European debt crisis came about. I’d like to make many more someday.

 @jonathanjarvis